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Kelby Training Online App Review

by admin on May 19, 2011

Wow!  My prayers have been answered.  Finally a way to watch this unreal photography/Photoshop/unreal creative plethora of training while sitting on my butt!  Amazing.

If you’re not a subscriber, I would highly recommend checking it out.  These guys are not paying me for saying this (wouldn’t be opposed to it)…I just am so hyped on their message, and wealth of content.  Having guys like Joe McNally, Jeremy Cowart, Jay Maisel at your fingertips is unreal!

Learn Photography Online with the Pros

The app itself is SLICK.  Clean, easy to navigate, these Kelby Media folks are not fooling around.  It’s as easy as picking up of Scott Kelby’s Photoshop books, and finding exactly what you’re looking for…this app has the same usability.

Logging into your account is a breeze, and the app remembers your credentials – so no need to type in your crazy password at each launch!

Navigating the courses is a breeze as well.  Just like the web interface, you can search and sort by “Newly Added,” “Instructor,” and “Subject.”  The videos stream effortlessly in BEAUTIFUL 720p, and I find the quality BETTER to watch on an iPad, then on my computer.  Apparently the hold up for the app release was the transcoding of their massive library to compatible iOS video.  It was worth the wait!

For a first release, this app is tops! I know I’m retreading the same thing here, but these folks got it right!

Of course, there are some features which would be nice…c’mon…always room for improvement  right???!!!??  :)

  • I would love a bookmarking feature where the app remembers your last viewed courses AND the position you stopped watching at.
  • I would love for the app to remain full screen once each clip loads.  If I’m watching in full screen mode and the next clip loads, it shrinks back to the native size – a bit of a pain.
  • And last but not least, I would love to have the videos available for offline viewing.  I’m sure there are many reasons for not allowing this.  Perhaps it’s a space issue saving the files for offline viewing would be a hog on internal memory)?  Perhaps Kelby is against saving the files, and would prefer us just to stream?  Perhaps it’s coming to us in a future release?  Or perhaps it’s not even possible?  We’ll see.

Anyways folks, if you’ve got an iPad, and are interested in THE best online training for creative types…you must check out and the NEW Kelby Training Online app here!

Now go enjoy, learn, experiment and create!

Learn Photography Online with the Pros

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